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Weathercam 2
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June 28, 2020 20:49:51
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129.58 kb
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Yes, I know the camera is not exaclty mounted level. This arrangement is temporary, I don't have many mounting options at the base of the tower.

This camera provides a view of the rural area south of Bloomfield, IN. The goal is to have this camera installed on top of my 100' communication tower. The installation is pending, I don't have the safety equipment necessary to climb the tower and do the install. For now, the camera is sitting at the base of the tower, pointed East.

I use a few processes to format the weathercam image for display. Let me detail those for you:
After the above process is complete, I now have each image archived on a local server. At the completion of each day these archived images are compiled into a video that shows the movement of weather systems throughout the day. Dropdown the "Weathercams" menu above and select "Time Lapse Videos", or select it from the listing below.