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About HoosierWeather.com
Starting in September of 2003, this site began as an outlet for my love of technology and meteorology. As an IT professional, I use this site as a test-bed, allowing me to use HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, MYSQL, and even C++ in a fun environment. Admittingly, I work on this site more than I probably should. I'm always finding new content/features that I want to integrate in to the site, but at this point I consider it mostly done. The additions and modifications that I am making now mostly involve adding a few new features and finding new ways to implement existing content......this is the fun stuff.

For the last several years I've made it a point to attend the Weather Spotters Training Sessions offered by our local NWS office, and have even attended the Weather Symposiums that are put on every other year. These programs provide the basic training necessary to enable weather spotters to provide severe and hazardous weather reports to the weather service. Amateur radio operaters play an important role in this process. I've made several storm reports over the last few years, but I was really missing a big part of it by not being a licensed amateur radio operator. This past June, both my oldest son and I got our technician's license. I've started attending our local county's Amateur Radio Club and joined the ARRL. I'm really exicted about becoming more involved with the Amateur Radio community and to continue my involvement with storm spotting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact form on the contact page. I hope that you have enjoyed visiting this site and that you will come back from time to time to see what the weather is like in my corner of paradise.